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The Night

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The night is a living thing.

It’s surrounding, not creeping, not threatening, but nurturing. It slowed down on us, gently, while our glaring eyes and involuntary smiles melted together in a song. Light dimming, easing the liquor down, always singing, dancing and having the time of our lives in a constant celebration of being alive and there, in that moment in time, in that company.

Fire is life.

In the forest, fire is also life of the party. The nucleus around which we swayed, and the substitute for light. It dances to the music like everyone of us, it burns with desire just like anyone of us. Late at night, in the blurriest moments of our normal, daily sensors, our imagination flourishes, our taste and touch enhance, or better said – cross any line, and all censorship and conscience yield before this flowing stream of synesthetic delight. It’s not the confused and uncontrollable state of being, but more like a daze of enjoyment in which we search for ourselves and find ourselves overcoming new limits. Knowing each other better and growing more and more closer, cementing our friendship to withstand over time. Fire is a friend of the night also, not its nemesis. It is the guardian the night trusts with it’s guests’ well being. May the forces of harm threaten our celebration, the fire is the wall that keeps them all at bay. And late into the night, when tranquility takes us over, and we each find a comfortable spot around it and re-enact old stories of bravery,  fear, or hilarity, its sparks and quiet crackling of burning wood are the soundtrack and atmosphere which sustain the storyteller’s tale.

The dark is a wonderful thing.

As the fire draws its last breath, the incandescent embers are the sweetest reminder that humans also need rest, just like the nature around us that’s slowly shutting down. The night tucks us all in, unfolding like a blanket over our tent’s sheets. In the absolute quiet, you feel that it’s a living organism. The total darkness is an illusion, a lie our eyes tell us before they adapt. Pupils dilate and gather the remains of the only available light: the light of our galaxy, with its stars and moons and distant suns. It is enough to lie down and follow the silhouette of the pine trees, their height, their unity, to belittle any mortal. Hearts still pounding with blood cooling down from a boiling point, pulse slowing, we sing our lullabies not to fall pray to sleep, but instead to fool it with the sound of our voices, turned into the last grasp on a fading state of awareness. In the end, we become victims of our own ruse, singing ourselves to sleep, so unknowing it escapes our memory of it ever happening. In our dreams, the night lingers on in a never ending festivity of life.

The night is a living thing, we live in it.