Andrei, Vizitiul*

…born as a first Sagittarius on 23 November in the famous year of 1986, just a few months after the Chernobyl disaster, with a minimum mutation degree of – I’d say – 3% (i have no reaction to coffee, i have ataraxis, two left kidneys and an astonishing ability to communicate with horses), I now find myself working as The Coachman of hell, as an employee of The Mayor of hell himself, after being a careless angel who just got bored. My friends are my trusty immortal hell-horses, The Butler of hell, The Mascot of hell and of course, the Mayor, and my hobbies are indifference, road-kill, the philosophy of driving a carriage, the art of listening, Tim Burton’s films, good healthy forthright books and Rock music.

Expecting reactions at:

+40723 161 293

vizitiul @ gmail dot com

*Why „vizitiul”, you ask…go to my very first post and find out.

4 răspunsuri to “Andrei, Vizitiul*”

  1. Hello Kitty Says:

    …nascuta cand aerul rece de iarna iti taie respiratia…simti…oricat de mult incerci sa-l tragi in plamani te sufoci totusi lent si sigur, da…asta ar fi in jurul orei 8.30, chiar intr-o marti, martie…a 6-a zi….alt an…un inceput promitator, as zice…poate un pic timida, secretoasa, inocenta , diabolica, obsedata, emotiva, egoista…pot gresi de nenumarate ori…am noua vieti (an astonishing ability to communicate with cats….. :P)…unemployed…nu cunosc vizitii, majordomi sau mascote desi suna tentant si sunt deschisa oricarui tip de experiment…to be continued…

  2. Nice to meet you, cat person 😛 Brave introduction! 🙂

  3. Hello Kitty Says:

    ….miau! 😛

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