What I am

I’m the ocean’s deepest blue,

I’m the biggest side of you.

I’m you shelter, I’m your mask

I’m not all too much to ask

I’m the one who’s gonna die

I’m the victim of your lie

I’m a tattoo of your name

I’m excuses when you’re lame

I’m a whisper in your ear

I’m your nightmare’s biggest fear

I’m the breather of your breath

I’m the dark angel of death

I’m the taste carved in your tongue

I’m the one for whom you long

I’m sensation of your touch

I’m the one who waits too much

I’m the blame you will not take

I’m one brutal, big mistake

I’m hope deep inside your heart

I’m not gonna fall apart

I’m a memory you miss

I’m the tremble in your kiss

I’m forever, I am now,

I’m the answer to your „how”

I’m the cold tear that you taste

I’m the eco-friendly waste

I’m morally incorrect

I’m a virtue, I’m a theft

I’m your fantasy at night

I’m compared to „mr.right”

I’m the hand along your breast,

I’m the warmth inside your chest,

I’m the fever in a lick

I’m the thing that makes you tick

I’m a moon ray, I’m a star,

I’m so near, and yet so far

I’m forbidden and I’m cruel

I’m the breaker of your rule

I’m forgetable, you’re not,

I’m dead cold when you are hot

I’m the one that makes you sweat,

I’m the sensation of wet

I am more than just a game,

I’m convinced, and you’re ashamed

I’m like footsteps in the snow,

I’m the last thing you should know

I’m the voice inside your head

I’m alive but I feel dead

I am almost never here

I’m the feeling you won’t fear

I am what you need, I miss you

I’m not gonna die, I kissed you

I am all of the above

You’re the victim of my love.

replică la What you are, 2003


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