The Indifference Lounge (And all the mistakes you can make)

Oh, aren’t you the little mess…
Hiding safely in this scene,
Wrapped in that flamboyant dress…
Thriving, no less than obscene…

And the pale, fake contoured face,
Smiling wide and chasing lines
And a taste of his embrace,
Sending all those little signs…

Is it me or in this light
You seem seamless and rotund?
As you linger in his sight…
Flashing words fly round and round…

What about me? Oh, I’m fine,
Don’t you stress your pretty head…
In my corner, with fine wine,
Being so two steps ahead…

Lust is never my concern,
No, that’s not what I’m about.
Even though you glow and burn,
Even though I mean to shout…

Love’s what brought me to this room,
I’m infatuated, ill…
But my words are like that broom
In the corner…dead and still…

Now the place subscribes my fears,
Fierce and loaded with desire…
And I crave that in your ears
You would douse my words of fire…

Presence is my weakest spot
Though I’m boiling, yearning, weak…
I’ll invoke this spell I’ve got,
Send my words for him to speak.

Definitely you’ll adore
What he now has to reply!
Devious, polluted whore…
Haven’t you just…wondered why?

Thoughts go rambling in my head
And a voice laughs: „told you so!”
You’re a fraud and I must shed
Everything I used to know…

As appealing as you seem
For the animal in me,
It’s my pride I must redeem,
These bar doors just made me free…



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